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Wine flights are great on their own – or as a new way to experiment with food & wine pairings!

Wine enjoyment and education all in one! Try our boutique wine flights made up of four 2oz tastes of wine — half red and half white wines … or mix ‘n’ match as you please!

Wine Flights – 14

Boutique Wine Menu

2012 SonOfABitch Pinot Noir

Raspberry, beetroot, cranberry, bramble, spice and rose notes on the nose with excellent fruit replays and minerality too. This SOB is true demonstration of what a talented and committed winery can do with the undisputed star of delicate and high-maintenance grapes — Pinot Noir!
Bottle – 38

2015 Sue-Ann Staff Pinot Noir

Not available through LCBO — this is not a boutique winery offering you want to miss out on!
6 oz – 8 • 9 oz -12 • Bottle – 34

2013 Megalomaniac Pompous Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon

Medium ruby with an orange hue; on the nose there are perfumed notes of cherry, raspberry, baking spice and cedar; the palate is dry and juicy featuring flavours red berry fruit and plums; medium-full body. Pairs nicely with red meats and spicy foods.
6 oz – 8 • 9 oz -12 • Bottle – 34

Fancy Girl Flamboyant Red Blend

A savoury and juicy Niagara red wine blend of 98% Cabernet Sauvignon and 2% Cabernet Franc grapes. Mocha on the nose and fleshy ripe black plums on the palate. Pairs nicely with grilled meats and, of course, ribs!
6 oz – 7 • 9 oz -11 • Bottle – 28

2013 Foreign Affair Conspiracy

Find layers of ripe spiced blackberry, raspberry, black currant, and black pepper mingle with some subtle violet and baking spice notes. Complex, ripe flavours, balance, and a long, lingering finish. This magical blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot is a taste-and-savour experience not to be missed.
6 oz – 9 • 9 oz -14 • Bottle – 34

2012 Megalomaniac Big Mouth Merlot

Bursting with deep, dark, rich fruit – think black cherry, blackberry jam, plum sauce – backed by lovely mocha spice and wisps of woodsmoke, it culminates in a layered and lingering finish.
6 oz – 12 • 9 oz -16 • Bottle – 47

Mitolo Jester Shiraz

Opulent Shiraz. A blockbuster with notes of chocolate-cherry, blackberry, coffee bean and a hint of oak. Enjoy with spicy nachos,  wings, ribs or rare and game meats.
Bottle – 47

2012 Megalomaniac Bravado Cabernet Sauvignon

Laden with smoky cedar, spiced plum, red and dark cherry and currants. Think red meats and mushrooms. You won’t go wrong.
Bottle – 47

2013 La Sacre Bordeaux

Full-bodied & Firm.
Bottle – 47

2013 Coffin Ridge Back from the Dead

52% Maréchal Foch, 23% Baco Noir, 8% Cabernet, 5% Merlot, 5% Gamay — a truly inspired blending. This deep ruby red wine has complex flavours of rich dark berries, plum, black pepper and tobacco. Wonderfully smooth with notes of leather and a subtle earthiness.
Bottle – 38

2012 Seven Deadly Zins

Suggestive aromas — hickory smoke, black cherry, vanilla and spice cupboard. A rich, fruity wine. An entertainment experience in itself.
Bottle – 52

2012 Megalomaniac Bravado

Defiant, gutsy and self-assured to the max. Bravado is a very proud Cabernet Sauvignon indeed. Balance. Sophistication. Cabernet Sauvignon aged to preserve its internal unique varietal characteristics.
Bottle – 47

2014 Megalomaniac Local Squeeze Riesling

Riesling. Nothing compares. Don’t hesitate and try this off-dry, light bodied and delicate treat. Easy drinking with or without food
6 oz – 7 • 9 oz – 10 • Bottle – 27

2015 Flat Roof Manor Pinot Grigio

Lovely crisp, medium-light dry body. Pale yellow with a hint of green in colour. floral, pear and citrus aromas; green apple and lemon flavours, refreshing finish.
6 oz – 7 • 9 oz – 10 • Bottle – 27

2013 Foreign Affair Far and Away Partial Appassimento Sauvignon Blanc

Beautifully balanced between acidity and perceived sweetness. Hints at the fruit flavours of mandarin, fresh pineapple, and ripe gooseberry.
6 oz – 9 • 9 oz – 13 • Bottle – 36

2014 Coffin Ridge Bone Dry Riesling

For your palate: orchard fruits. Apricots, green Granny Smith apples and lime flavours emerge. A firm acidity gives way to a clean, brisk finish. A wonderful wine to pair with chicken, seafood, or roasted fares.
Bottle – 38

2012 Sue-Ann Staff Pinot Grigio

Well-crafted pale-straw white wine offers attractive and complex aroma. Enjoy floral notes, melon, orchard fruit and a whiff of almond skin. Tantalize your the palate with the lively, dry, medium-bodied, silky texture. Bright flavours of pear, apricot and lemon-lime. This gem features a well-defined acidity and subtle mineral note. Consider pairing this versatile wine with light appetizers, pan-fried fish or roast pork.
6 oz – 8 • 9 oz – 12 • Bottle – 34

2014 Megalomaniac My Way Chardonnay

Buttery smooth citrus flavours with a rock solid mineral finish. Unforgettable.
6 oz – 12 • 9 oz – 16 • Bottle – 48

2014 Pink Slip Rose

Perpetually popular, this sun-kissed pink wine is alive with ripe strawberry, raspberry and red cherry with a sensual floral touch and a tangy finish. Try it with grilled fish or seafood, summer salads, sandwiches, or mild or blue cheeses like brie or gorgonzola. Go a step further and pair with charcuterie or antipasto dishes.

Bottle – 47

2013 Megalomaniac Bubblehead Sparkling Pinot Noir

Deliciously bubbly, noble liquid of luxury and power! Bubblehead is an elegant Methode Traditoinnelle wine, made of Estate grown Pinot Noir. Think celebration, rights of passage, being decadently you.

Bottle – 52

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