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Kick Start Summer celebrating Ontario Craft Beer Week 2015

Amazing local craft beers to kick-start your summer

Our friends at Wellington Brewery have clearly been burning the midnight oil getting ready for Ontario Craft Beer Week and they have been collaborating with some equally talented area brewers to create some amazing craft beer experiences.

As much as we’d like to, we can’t have all the craft beers we love on tap 24/7 for our patrons, but we also can’t resist tasting and talking about other taste experiences our patrons might like to explore at home or in their travels. So here are a few suggestions for you to consider this summer.

Dandy Rye-PA, is refreshingly light craft beer with an amazing hint of dandelion bitterness that plays nicely with notes of grapefruit and spice. This exceptional offerings is not to be missed during Craft Beer Week! 

Add Dandy Rye-PA to your list of beers to try this month. This limited run can be purchased from all three brewers while supplies last. LD

Offered by Wellington along with Royal City Brewers (who incidentally, are throwing their grand-opening and first anniversary party during Ontario Craft Beer Week on June 13th), and StoneHammer Brewing another Guelph brewery with an award winning line-up that includes Light Lager, Pilsner, Pale Ale, Dark Ale and Oatmeal Coffee Stout.

Celebrate Summer with refreshingly tart Rhubarb Saison Craft Beer

In honour of Ontario Craft Beer Week the Laughing Demon Gastropub is featuring Wellington Brewery's Rhubarb Saison Craft Beer.In honour of OCB Week celebrations, we will be showcasing Welly’s “Rhubarb Saison”.  First introduced last year, Farmers’ Market Rhubarb Saison, using local producer grown rhubarb, was an incredible success — people could not get enough of it!  It is back by popular demand this year, and we are thrilled to be bringing this  summery, slightly tart craft beer in for our patrons here at LD.  Quantities are unfortunately limited by supply and demand — so make sure you stop in soon!

One last tip….

You can also check out Wellington’s Upcoming Events Page for an ever-growing list of OCB Week Events and create yourself an opportunity to try the 2015 Collaboration Beer — a table beer Wellington Brewery contributing to. By the way — proceeds for OCB Week Collaboration Beer going to the Ontario Association of Food Banks. 

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