THIS Valentine’s Day make it about what aphrodisiac foods are all about — feeling good

Presentation of two hearts made of chili powder for Laughing Demon's Valentine's Day Tasting Event

You’re Invited!

ValentinesPortfolioValentine’s Day Aphrodisiac Food Tasting

On Sunday, February 14th, we are hosting a special reservation-only opening for Valentine’s Day. Why? Because our amazingly loyal Laughing Demon patrons deserve a special Valentine’s Day option! What could be better than aphrodisiac fare?

Dessert! Kahlua Cheesecake with Fresh Raspberry Sorbet

Kahlua Cheesecake and Raspberry Sorbet Laughing Demon Gastropub’s Food Tasting dessert feature

What are aphrodisiac foods?

Contrary to common myths and legends, aphrodisiacs are basically wholesome ingredients prepared in a tasty way. Great food, well prepared and served, makes us all inclined to relax into the moment. That sense of relaxation and well-being helps us connect with those around us that we care about.



Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
~Leonardo Da Vinci

The Fine Art of Feeling

Simplicity and mystery may be the greatest aphrodisiacs of all time. In era where time is money, and every minute of the day involves choices and decisions — sometimes we need to get away from it all and just feel. We have all but forgotten how to make that happen.

What if all you had to do was show up and have the magic of just feeling present itself?

The simple truth, and mysterious magic, of a gastropub food tasting experience is how it makes you feel. It makes you feel special. It lets you be in the moment. It allows you to focus on being, and on sharing the experience with someone you care about and enjoy being around. Whether you choose to experience a tasting event with a lover, friends, or family — from the moment you arrive our only priority is to keep you feeling like royalty. It really isn’t a meal – – it is an experience. We’ll tease and tempt your palate with the unexpected — course after course of perfectly prepared fare. All you have to do is show up —

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” – James BeardThe Evening Format

Our patrons have expressed so much interest in our Tasting Events, and a Valentine’s Day tasting event in particular, that we’ve opted to host two full event seatings. Both seatings offer a full 8 courses served in a relaxed, easy manner. Lots of time to savour each course and chat!

• 5:30 PM Seating •
Perfect for those who might want to make it a dinner-and-a-movie night.

• 8:00 PM Seating •
Ideal for those who prefer to linger after dinner over drinks and maybe tea or coffee.

8 COURSES — from soup to dessert — at 35 per person, we promise you won’t be sorry. You’ll be thrilled!
Let us know in advance if you have any allergies or sensitivities. We’ll happily do our best to accommodate your special needs!

Yup, Valentine’s Day is traditionally for lovers — but THIS Valentine’s Day make it about what aphrodisiac foods are all about — feeling good. If you feel good — feel good endorphins carry over to everyone around you. Feel good — and share those awesome endorphins with people you care about!
The rest is up to you…
We’ve set the stage for romance, or for celebrating any relationship. We’ll be serving up some well known and some not so well known aphrodisiacs … the rest is up to you.

The early Romans believe the most powerful aphrodisiac in the world was the apple … on Valentine’s Day discover the perfect aphrodisiac for you.

come join us!

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Demand is high, and despite two seatings we are booking up fast! Don’t delay! Call 519-748-5000 or click on the link above..


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