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make it a mission

Want to know how to make the most of #winewednesday? Easy! Make it your mission to try some — preferably small batch — boutique wines you have never tried before. Wine Wednesday is the ideal opportunity to expand your repertoire of fine wines and take your food pairing savvy up a notch or two. So make it your mission for all of 2016.
Most upscale casual food destinations offer half-price bottles of wine on Wine Wednesday. We are talking premier, select, and award winning wines at prices that won’t decimate your wallet. The benefits? You get out with people you like for a little fun, relaxation and conversation. You get to dine out in style because what could be better than good food and vino at an awesome upscale-casual eatery? You get to play explorer and try something new and break up the week’s routine.

Where to look for bottled wine bargains

You can fairly expect smaller non-franchise gastropubs, bistros, pubs and eateries will have minimal mark ups on unique wines because they are looking to offer guests exceptional dining experiences. Wine Wednesday half-price promotions add up to real cost savings for wine loving foodies. Not only can you expect to see cost savings, but if you spend a little time checking out wine lists, you’ll be able to zero in on unique artisanal wines from award winning boutique wineries. Many restauranteurs offer online wine lists, and if the eatery you are interested in doesn’t — give them a call and ask about their wine selection. Don’t hesitate to let them know the kind of wines you’d like to see on their wine lists. Rare is the establishment that isn’t interested in what guests, and potential guests, are interested in trying. Most will be grateful for your inquiry and suggestions. If they are receptive to your feedback — add them to your #WineWednesday-places-to-try list. You’ll be surprised how quickly ‘hump day’ will fill up on your calendar!

Focus on boutique wines on #winewednesday

So what are boutique wineries? Boutique wineries share an attitude and some hard to meet, let alone beat, standards. Boutique wineries care deeply and passionately about what goes into the bottles that carry their names. The grapes — the specific season’s yield — inspire the recipes for each unique small batch collection. The problem is, wine inspired by a specific vineyard yield comes with built in scarcity.  You can’t just import extra grapes to make more of the same.  No two vineyards are the same — no two fruit yields are the same. This makes discovering boutique wines a bit difficult for all of us ordinary folk.  There is a good chance that by the time a boutique wine review makes it into main stream media — every single bottle has been snapped up if not consumed.  Use #winewednesday to experience exceptional boutique wines.

The traditional production limit for what are called boutique wineries is 10,000

3 amazing boutique wineries to explore

  • Megalomania

    Find Megalomania on the highest point of the southern section of the Niagara Escarpment. You can bet they get some of their bold ’n’ sassy attitude and inspiration from their incredible view of Lake Ontario, Toronto, Niagara Falls and their lovingly tended vineyards. They tell us the region’s limestone shale contributes to the exceptional and unique fruits the feed the audacity of Megalomania wines. Do add a visit to this superb winery to your fair weather bucket list ideas.
    Visit Megalomania Winery

  • Coffin Ridge

    Coffin Ridge has 25 acres under cultivation primarily consisting of cold hardy varieties of grapes suitable for the harsh Grey County winters. A challenging climate has never prevented the Coffin Ridge team from producing magically pleasing wines year after year. Try a few Coffin Ridge gems and you might find yourself planning a winter trek to Grey County for their Winter Snowshoe Vineyard Tours.
    Visit Coffin Ridge Winery

  • Foreign Affair

    Located on Vineland Research & Innovation Centre, this unique winery offers some the best of contemporary and traditional examples of fine wine. Exceptional home grown Canadian wines that are marvellously influenced by the rich Italian (Veneto Region) history of appassimento (drying process). Don’t miss out on Foreign Affairs award winning offerings.
    Visit Foreign Affair Winery

What’s for Dinner?

Next, check out the food menus. What kind of foods do you normally like to pair up with wine? You can certainly start with your favourite wine and dine go-to choices, but you can also step off that treadmill and choose to try a unique wine with something you normally don’t pair up with wine at all. After all, you are getting out on Wine Wednesday to break up the routine, have a bit of fun and relax. Wine Wednesday is a great day to colour outside the lines. Try a rich fruity red wine with the meaty richness of a game burger. If you always have red wine with steak, try it with a dry to the bone Riesling. In the mood for chicken, seafood or vegetarian? Don’t ignore the chance to experiment with red, white, or ‘pink’ wine with dinner. The old school rules for food pairing are just plain gone. You ARE the boss. It is your palate that matters.

Start with a #wineflight

If committing to a full bottle isn’t your thing — then start with wine flights. Restaurants, committed to offering guests complex and unique experiences, will offer exceptionally good wine in their wine flights. You’ll get to experiment with both white and red wines and tease your own taste buds with every bite and sip. You can always choose to dine early with a group of friends, or that someone special and experiment with wine flights with dinner — and top off the evening’s experience with a half-price bottle of the wine that pleased you most! After all — it IS your night to reward yourself for working hard and making it to the week’s half way mark! Wine Wednesday is also your night for recharging so you can get through the rest of the week. Pleasant memories and stories about the awesome #winewednesday you enjoyed can make all the difference! Don’t forget it is never too soon to start planning next week’s Wine Wednesday.

Practice pro-active wellness. Make Wine Wednesday your treasure hunting hobby — and file the expense-at-a-bargain under ’self-care’. Keep it between you, someone special, or maybe a few key friends.

You might be surprised at how good bargain hunting can feel!

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