Laughing Demon Goes on Hiatus

Change is in the air and Laughing Demon is taking a hiatus


Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.
 – William Pollard –

Change — It’s Here.

With mixed feelings, we are announcing that the Laughing Demon Gastropub as we all know it is going on hiatus. This hiatus has been long planned with only the exact timing unclear. Choice Property Management is now ready to take down the building that has been our location since 1981.. We had hoped to give our loyal clientele more notice… but unfortunately Choice Property Management had other ideas. October 5th, 2018 will be the last day we are open at this location.

As the original Lulu’s Dine & Dance identity evolved into the Laughing Demon in 2015 with a new look, menu, and feel, Laughing Demon the Sequel will retain the best of what we’ve enjoyed in this location and more. We have yet to finalize the ‘where’ with so many new developments under way in this area — but we ARE focused on staying in the neighbourhood.  We will let you know as soon as a new location is decided.

We are very excited about the new challenges and myriad projects involved in bringing you an all new and improved Laughing Demon — we ARE having a hard time saying goodbye to our old home and will miss our ongoing interactions with our many regulars.

Next Up..

  • We will be hosting some invitation only evenings for our regular clientele — and details will follow in a later post on our website and on on our Facebook page.
  • We will be keeping our web page, social media, and newsletter open so we can keep everyone updated with progress reports and so folks have away to stay in touch.
  • We will all continue active in the neighbourhood over the hiatus period — in fact Wes has decided that with more flex time available during the transition, to run for the Ward 4 City Council seat. He has long considered public service, but had no desire to challenge incumbent Yvonne Fernandes, who has served Ward 4 tirelessly and well. With her decision not to run this time, Wes has decided to run.

As you can see we are entering fall with a lot of things to juggle! Do stay tuned… we will be letting you all know specifics and dates as soon as they are confirmed — meaning we still need to confirm some exact time line details with Choice Properties. You will all know as soon as we do!

Last, but far from least —

It goes without saying — but we will say it anyway — we are grateful for all the awesome people — our clients, our vendors and suppliers — that have made the Laughing Demon an amazing success. Most especially our longstanding loyal clientele.

Wes, Jessica, Bruce & Eva