New Menu Launch & Food Tasting Event

Laughing Demon Food Tasting Event nights are back!

Food Tasting Nights are Back at Laughing Demon

Fall/Winter Menu at Laughing Demon Gastropub

This November Laughing Demon Gastropub is launching their new 2016/17 Winter Menu.

Saturday October 29th and Saturday November 5th, Laughing Demon Gastropub its dumping a la carte dining in favour of tasting-menu only dinners. Seven courses for just 35 per person! Why not book your table right now? Seating starts at 7 pm with dinner service beginning approximately 7:30.

Chef’s Wes & Bruce have opted to offer a new winter menu preview opportunity.  The new menu respects your demands to keep old favourites — but some exciting new foodie experiences have been added to brighten up winter blues moods.

You’re invited to be surprised and delighted by their new menu creations and experience the new dishes in several small portions in a single meal. After all, why settle for a single course, or maybe one course with either an appetizer or dessert, when you can enjoy 7 courses in a single meal?

Food tasting events have been incredibly popular and memorable dining experiences for area demons, and the Demon’s new menu will still feature some of KW’s favourites and offering some new ingredient combinations to tempt and please.

The Details:


Laughing Demon Halloween 2015 Food Tasting Event

Devil’s Night Eve Food Tasting

Chef’s night to tease demon ’n’ devil foodies with his new menu creations.
7 courses dining to build up endurance for the big Halloween celebrations

Dress Code: Halloween Costume or Everyday Demon Attire welcome.
When: Saturday October 29th, 2016
Time: 7:00 pm cocktails & conversation with dinner service beginning 7:30 pm
How Much: 35 per person

November 5th, 2016 Food Tasting Night

November 5th Food Tasting night celebrates Guy Fawkes Day with a twist! Pumpkin Destruction Day!

Pumpkin Destruction Day aka Guy Fawkes Gunpowder Day aka Daylight Savings Time Eve Food Tasting

What’s in a name? It doesn’t matter what national day it is — it our Moody Chef’s night to show off the new menu. 7 courses specifically designed to make your taste bud demons scream for ‘more’  all winter long!

Dress Code: Joey’s Turkey Pants recommended.
When: Saturday November 5th, 2016
Time:7:00 pm cocktails & conversation with dinner service beginning 7:30 pm
How Much: 35 per person

Food sensitivities or allergies? Find out more out our Food Allergies & Sensitivities policies and practices. Contact us in advance and we’ll do what we can to help accommodate your special needs.

Never been to a Laughing Demon Food Tasting event? Take a peek at what they are like!

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