A Craft Brewery that knows normal is weird

Welcome Flying Monkey Craft Brewery to Laughing Demon Gastropub local craft beer lineup

Great craft brewers think normal is weird

Thinking outside the box has always served entrepreneurs well, so too does it serve the microbrewery revolution and its beer loving’ disciples. When it comes to brewing craft beer thinking different makes all the difference in the world. Barrie is home to one such innovative microbrewery team. The Flying Monkey Craft Brewery team can be described as little quirky and hugely savvy. Their approach to craft beer is brilliant in its simplicity. They follow one simple rule. Normal is weird. They take this ethos a step further, and insist on raising the exceptions of craft beer drinkers everywhere. We can certainly get behind that goal!

“For founder Peter Chiodo, it’s all about raising the level of expectations people have for beer by producing high quality, uniquely flavoured beer that heightens the craft beer drinking experience.”The Downtown Barrie

If you’d like to experience Flying Monkeys’ quirky savviness first hand, do visit their website. The site is seriously cool! Pick a time when you need a little pick-me-up. It is also the cheeriest website ever.

Flying Monkey Craft Brewer Logo

Laughing Demon is pleased and proud to welcome Flying Monkey Craft Brewery to our all star line up!

The Flying Monkey intro craft beers

We are welcoming FM aboard with two offerings from their seasonal select beers. We are sure you’ll be thrilled by these intro offerings, and we don’t expect them to last very long. We are looking forward to bringing you more unique Flying Monkey experiences on a regular basis! Food pairing choices are about to get even more interesting!

12 Minutes to Destiny

A truly unique botanical libation hibiscus pale ale really is a beauty of a craft beer. Light, refreshing, satisfying. 4.1/ABV/LOW IBU

The Tribe

This incredible Coconut Stout weighs in at at 6.30 ABV/30 IBU and is a rich and silky experience that screams comfort.

Think out of the box for craft beer and food pairings

12 Minutes to Destiny — If you are a tea connoisseur, then you’ll likely naturally gravitate to MFs hibiscus pale ale. With its exotic pink-tinge colour, and hibiscus flower topped with notes of raspberry and orange peel, this lovely craft beer pulls off delicate sophistication with ease.

Hibiscus is not only beautiful but makes amazing craft beer. Saisons, ales and so many more varieties. Think tea with a pleasant kick.

Marvelously versatile Hibiscus. Inspiration for 12 minutes to Destiny.

Light and airy, this pale ale pairs like a dream come true with any food you might be in the mood for — from snacks through salads and dessert. It is also a better than average choice if you feel like a little something with lunch but worry about getting through the afternoon. With a 4.1/LOW IBU, one it isn’t likely to inspire any ill-advised behaviours when you get back to the office!

As for experiencing 12 Minutes to Destiny in a beer flight, don’t underestimate its power to please. It’s delicate sophistication comes with a powerfully refreshing punch. You haven’t lived until you’ve alternated between a great tea ale and rich scotch ale or a the tingly sparkle of an exceptional lager. Against a coconut stout? To die for!

Coconut and comfort go together. The very word brings to mind warm exotic climates and nostalgic images of comfort treats like macaroons. Best of all it comes in craft beer!

Speaking of Coconut Stout — The Tribe is another amazing if unusual candidate for pairing with food. This silky-rich earthy stout is the very definition of exotic, and will take you into a whole new world. Forget every typical bar chow beer ’n’ burger experience you’ve ever had. Now think rich and exotic paired with an equally earthy bison burger like our Big Game Hunter – a grass fed bison with boar bacon and whiskey-chocolate bbq sauce. Now you’re living the life! Your taste buds won’t know what hit them!

The word ‘coconut’ might throw you off and make you feel a bit skeptical — but the Polynesians enjoy their tasty style of combining meat and fruits in ways we North American rarely get to experience. When opportunities are rare, they are more — not less — desirable when they present themselves. This doubly true when the chance to experience something truly fantastic and different comes along.

Beer flights always benefit from the presence of rich and earthy stouts or porters. The Tribe Coconut Stout will more than hold its own and still play extremely well with others!


Don’t wait to experience this marvelously badass midwinter craft beer line up!

We can expect some outstanding craft beer #beerflight and food pairing experiences with Flying Monkey craft brews in our line up. This brewery team really is convinced that normal is weird — it is their tagline — and it is hard to argue with them. The results of their thinking definitely speak for themselves.

Both The Tribe and 12 Minutes to Destiny craft beers are seasonal in nature and availability, so supply is limited. Once they are gone, they are gone. Another quirk of the microbrewery culture is the emphasis on a natural ingredients. Mother Nature herself is a quirky soul and believes in individuality and uniqueness. This years fruits don’t taste exactly the same as last years, and will have a different taste again next year. The influence of Mother Nature on microbrewery craft beers batches is enormous. There will be more coconut stouts and more hibiscus ales — just not exactly the same! Do drop in as soon as you can and give them a try.

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