The #1 way to make the most of Wine Wednesday

Ontario Regional Small Batch Boutique Wine Tasting

This #WineWedmesday, make it your mission to try some — preferably small batch — boutique wines you have never tried before. Wine Wednesday is the ideal opportunity to expand your wine repertoire as well as your food pairing savvy. So make it your mission for all of 2016.

THIS Valentine’s Day make it about what aphrodisiac foods are all about — feeling good

Presentation of two hearts made of chili powder for Laughing Demon's Valentine's Day Tasting Event

You’re Invited! Valentine’s Day Aphrodisiac Food Tasting On Sunday, February 14th, we are hosting a special reservation-only opening for Valentine’s Day. Why? Because our amazingly loyal Laughing Demon patrons deserve a special Valentine’s Day option! What could be better than aphrodisiac fare? What are aphrodisiac foods? Contrary to common myths and legends, aphrodisiacs are basically wholesome ingredients prepared in a tasty … Read More

A Craft Brewery that knows normal is weird

Welcome Flying Monkey Craft Brewery to Laughing Demon Gastropub local craft beer lineup

Expect some outstanding craft beer #beerflight experiences with Flying Monkey craft brews in our line up. This brewery team really is convinced that normal is weird — it is their tagline — and it is hard to argue with them. The results of their thinking definitely speak for themselves. Laughing Demon it thrilled to welcome Flying Monkey Craft Brewery to its list of top notch local craft brewers.

What’s the deal with #WineWednesday

Always wear sensible footwear when heading out on #WineWednesday

#WineWednesday gives us a chance to immerse ourselves in the essence of what makes us human. What is more human than the urge to just sit back and be? Join #Kwawesome and celebrate #winewednesday with some great #eatlocal dining!

Dessert: the ultimate happy ending

Homemade dessert on steroids. Kahlua Cheesecake with Fresh Raspberry Sorbet

Dessert is just another Happy Ending so don’t piss off the fates by doing the guilt thing. You should be savouring and celebrating the good things in life.

Healthy Red Meat Choices Include Kangaroo

Orange Crusted Kangaroo Steak on the grill at Laughing Demon Gastropub Kitchener

Kangaroo meat is a healthy red meat that is truly a nutrient dense, eco-friendly option for dinner. 10 Reasons to include Kangaroo Meat in your diet and one reason not to.

Canada Day Menu

Celebrating Canada Day 2015 with a special all-local menu

Canada Day Specials with all-local ingredients and Ontario Craft Beers. We’ll be open from 11:30 to 10:00 pm this fine Canada Day. We’ve put together a few Canadian Style selections for today’s specials and hope you enjoy them! Happy Canada Day 2015 Laughing Demons!