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Masters of Food Craft

Foodie Demons want tantalizingly unique and focused menus. Thanks to Red Seal Master Chef Bruce Hill, we have proudly been serving up top notch innovative and classically inspired craft food for over 34 years. Our patrons deserve and value healthy, wholesome, eclectic artisan fare — we’ll never serve up anything less.

We think Global. We Source Local.

We tirelessly pursue sustainable excellence. Socially responsible practices matter to us, and to our community. Local sourcing for our farm-to-table foods extends from our home, to our guest experiences. Think global, eat local is more than a tagline — it is our mindset. We are committed to offering holistic, organic, preservative and antibiotic free, whenever possible.

We Practice Community

Quality, comfort, value. Our food and drink menus change often to meet the evolving needs of our patrons. We build relationships through service. We listen to your unique needs so we can build the experiences you are looking for. We never just book reservations — we book — and deliver —experiences.

We Create Fun

Put all those nasty contemporary stress demons to sleep — bring your laughing demon out to play with ours. We’re an upscale-casual eatery. That means come as you are, be yourself, and indulge in the fine craft food and drink experiences you work hard for. Experience what’s happening at Laughing Demon. Come have some fun – charge up your happiness batteries!

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Monday – Thursday 11:30am – 10pm

Friday-Saturday 11:30am – 12am

Sunday-Monday Closed


Address 14-123 Pioneer Dr Kitchener

Phone 519.748.5000

Email services@laughingdemon.ca